There is a design team of over 20 professionals in our company, with an average working experience of more than three years. They work out over 1000 types of design works every year with an annual number of more than 50 per capita and a total of about 1 million PIN.
We enjoy rich accumulated experience in PCB design, especially the better knowledge of high-end layout and alignment rules of PCB with HDI plating holes, laser holes and blind /buried holes on it. The manufacturability, testability and assembly of the printed board are fully taken into account. Meanwhile, we invite many national-level technologists dedicating to the SI analysis, EMC in board design, power Integrity analysis, providing the high-end design of PCB with the most powerful guaranty. In addition, we have formulated strict secrecy in design document and signed Confidentiality agreement with each of our employee, fully protecting our customers’ information from insecurity.
We promise to provide our customers with the most excellent technical support, the most convenient and efficient services as well as the greatest guarantees for their safety respectively relying on the professional design team, the one-stop operation procedure from design and production to electronics assembly and the strictest secrecy.

Design capability:
The items of the PCB design worked out with the greatest difficulty are as follows:
Maximum number of designed layers:30 layers
Maximum number of PIN: 29245
The highest density: 30PIN/cm2
The highest level of technique: HDI technique 4+N+4
Minimum of line width/line spacing: 2MIL
The number of one-board BAG: 70 pieces
Minimum of BAG PIN spacing: 0.5mm Signal of the highest speed: Differential Signal of 3.125G